4 Reasons to Buy an Eco Friendly Loft Conversion

An eco friendly loft conversion is generally constructed out of sustainable all-natural supplies. Wood is used for the majority of the structure, and supplies like wool, hemp and cork are utilised for insulation. Eco friendly components like recycled wallpaper and eco paint can even be utilised to decorate your conversion.

But why must you choose to make your loft conversion eco-friendly? We’ve come up with four factors why an eco friendly loft conversion would be a great addition to your house.

1. Economical

An eco friendly loft conversion is economical. Wood can be more affordable than other materials you may use, like brick and concrete. Wood is also an excellent insulator. This means that by making use of wood, you could minimise your power bills and save money.

Eco friendly loft conversions also typically have solar-powered windows. Solar power is a fantastic way to power your windows without contributing to your energy bill.

2. Reduces waste and damage to the atmosphere

All the all-natural supplies you can use to construct your loft conversion are biodegradable. By making use of these organic components instead of supplies like plastic and concrete, you assist in minimising the amount of non-biodegradable materials made. eco friendly loft conversion

Utilising sustainable all-natural supplies for your loft conversion also minimises your contribution to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The production of non-natural components, like plastic, produces carbon dioxide, but wood grows naturally.

If you use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, which guarantees that it comes from a sustainable source, you can be sure that you are reducing your contribution to carbon dioxide levels.

3. Improves comfort

As a very good insulator, wood keeps your loft conversion cosier or cooler for longer. It is also breathable, whereas components like plastic and concrete are not.

So making use of wood in your conversion can maintain your loft’s comfortable atmosphere, and avoid it from becoming stuffy.

4. Better for your wellness

Employing all-natural components in your building can also shield your wellness. Organic, all-natural insulation, like wool, hemp and cork, is non-irritant. This is as opposed to other insulating components, like fibreglass. So employing eco-friendly materials in your loft conversion can be better for your health.

We can see that eco friendly loft conversions have a quantity of benefits. Not only can they contribute to your wellbeing and comfort, they can also benefit your bank balance and the environment.

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